The breed in this video(below) is Great Pyrenees. The Armenian Gampr is a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) as well, but generally considered tougher.

I have been told by many people who want the gampr to be a ‘great’ dog, that to call them a livestock guardian is not doing them justice. I disagree. This is a very important, critical job that requires tremendous intelligence, courage, stamina, strength, and kindness in all the right proportions.
One of the most important aspects of being a livestock guardian is perfect self-control, independent of human control. If we allow the gampr to no longer be bred as a LGD and held to those high standards, we take a chance that the requirements for self-control will be more lax, and this large, powerful dog will no longer be as ‘wise’ as it started, and in fact become dangerous. In particular, breeding for size alone, or fighting ability, has created several bloodlines that no longer have the skills, the intelligence or the wisdom to do the job or to even be trusted with children.
In order to maintain the gampr at its best, we need to ensure that future generations of gamprs have all the skills needed for the very complicated job of LGD. Already I have seen many who could not manage, who had no judgment, no kindness to their flock, or who were mentally unstable.
One of the methods we can use is to evaluate each dog. No dog is perfect, all have better and worse qualities. We need to ensure that the following generations we create are not damaged by our lack of understanding and foresight. Understanding what each dog does well and poorly helps us choose a mate that balances the weak points.
And of course, our free registry will keep pedigrees and evaluations on file – important to have data, in order to know where we are going with the breed.