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Description & Information

    The Armenian Gampr is the native aboriginal landrace livestock & family guardian dog of the region from the southern Caucasus mountains (Current Armenia, southern Georgia, and new Azerbaijan) and the Armenian Highland, which is now known as Anatolia. The genetics of the gampr are diverse, which is an indication of a healthy gene pool and excellent adaptability. The gampr has regional varieties,(more...)

Breeders, Puppies, & Adoptions

Available litters in USA, contacts for USA breeders, and information for importing from Armenia.

If any Armenian Gamprs need new homes, you may find them on our Rehome page

Also, information regarding breeding practices, how to prepare to breed your gampr, and what to expect after the pups are born.

Pedigrees & Registration

Pedigree and Registration are free with AGCA until May 15, 2016. Apply here, for printable electronic documents or hard copies in the mail.

Armenian Gamprs may also be registered with ARBA, American Rare Breed Association.

Showing is a fun, competitive sport, and we can show our gamprs with ARBA. Upcoming show calendar will be posted soon.

The Armenian Gampr: Guardian of Ancient Civilizations & Modern Armenia

The Armenian Gampr has a long and complicated history, with many phases and local changes

# Gampr History: Dog Domestication & Early Gamprs

From proto-dog to modern dog, there have been many phases of development in various places around the world. All of these phases are also seen, together, within Armenian lands.

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# Gampr History: Local Changes, from 2000 years ago until 1900s

Changes of ownership of the historical Armenian lands did not entirely displace the Armenians; when Armenians were not the ruling dynasty, they were enclosed as vassal kingdoms, khanates or oblast within the dominated territories.

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# Gampr History: During Soviet and Turkish Occupation

Changes affecting the Armenian Gampr, during the upheavals of the 1900's.

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Latest Blog Post
Goodlife Farms Tesil is the first Armenian Gampr to be fully evaluated in all 3 categories: Health, Structure & Temperamant. After 10 years of planning, this is a great milestone for the Armenian Gampr.

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We are dedicated to the conservation of the original Armenian Gampr; to supporting owners, buyers and breeders; and to share as much accurate information as possible. Please let us know how we can do more.

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